The history of Akmos Trade Dealing Center goes back to 1995. Those times clients worked in dealing hall. All the operations were performed by phone through our operators, who, in turn, connected to New York broker by dedicated phone line. One transaction used to take about one minute, and sometimes even two of the precious time of our clients. But those times everybody worked in such way.In 1997, the Dealing Center was acquired by M Business Service company which still continues its activity.1997 was characterized by insufficient access to Internet, thus, the clients have to work in dealing hall. But their number grew, and due to insufficient work stations there appeared the first remote clients in Akmos Trade. It was the first practice of such kind in Russia. The remote clients worked through telephone lines and modems, each though own line and modem. The work required rather complicated and unmanageable trade terminal. But this resulted in insufficient telephone lines. And in 1998, Akmos Trade again became first in Russia to provide its clients with remote access through slow, unstable and not so widespread Internet.The first HTTP trade terminal was not that user-friendly as nowadays, but still provided the great opportunity to work from different cities through Moscow company at global Forex market, to performs transitions in a second, and not to pay for long-distance (and sometimes international) communications. Our terminal had a unique, we my say even “historical” opportunity — it allowed to open hedged (or locked) positions. We were first to provide traders with such opportunity in Russia (and maybe in the world). For many years they had been saying that it’s impossible and contradicts the market rules. It lasted until all the global brokers introduced such service themselves.Since 1999 we have launched the regular trader contests (again the first in Russia), and unlike our rivals, the prizes are paid in cash, but not by crediting it to the trade account with no right to convert it in cash. Besides, we have priority right for trader contest scenario as of January, 1999. But we considered it unethical to “rattle the saber” and to sue the copyright infringers, who completely copied our scenario and rules.Since 2002, again the first in Russia, we transitioned to stream quotes without preliminary price request. Some of our rivals still work based on the principle “first you ask, and then we respond”.We never competed, but it turned out that we were the first to make the charts and trade terminal available for cell phones in 2003.In March, 2005 the Federal Financial Market Service granted us the License of Commission Merchant, and in August became a market maker at currency futures market of (Stock Forex) “Saint Petersburg”Stock Exchange.For 8 years we have issued the unique in its branch printed magazine for traders “Currency Speculator”.

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